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Valentija Liholaja, Dr. iur.

The Concept of Criminal Penalty Policy and

the Resulting Criminal Law Amendments

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Jānis Lazdiņš, Dr. iur.

Kārlis Ketners, Dr. oec.

The Effect of Court Rulings on the Dynamics of the Latvian Tax Law

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Ringolds Balodis, Dr. iur.

Annija Kārkliņa, Dr. iur.

Edvīns Danovskis, Dr. iur.

The Development of Constitutional and Administrative Law in Latvia after the Restoration of Independence

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Jānis Rozenfelds, Dr. iur.

Superficies Solo Cedit in the Latvian Law

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Kaspars Balodis, Dr. iur.

The Development of and Prospects for Commercial Law in Latvia since Accession to the European Union

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Jānis Kārkliņš, Dr. iur.

The Development of the General Latvian Contract Law after the Renewal of Independence and Future Perspectives in the Context of European Commission`s Solutions for Developing Unified European Contract Law

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Artūrs Kučs, Dr. iur.

The European Union`s Framework Decision on the Use of Criminal Law to Combat Specific Types and Manifestations of Racism and Xenophobia and the Implementation of the Decision in the Latvian Law

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Kristīne Dupate, Dr. iur.

The Implications of the EU Labour Law in Latvia

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Irēna Ņesterova, Mg. iur.

The Right not to Incriminate Oneself as an Essential Aspect of the Right to a Fair Trial in the Application of Simplified Forms of Criminal Procedure

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)