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Dr. hab. Tomasz Bekrycht

Positive Law and Morality – Violence and Coercion

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Tatiana Machalová

The Significance of Pure Theory of Law for Ethicalization of Law

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Dr. iur. Rafał Mańko

Critique of the “Juridical”: Some Metatheoretical Remarks

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


M. iur. John A. Gealfow

Case Law and its Binding Effect in the System of Formal Sources of Law

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Dr. iur. Nazar Stetsyk

Case Law of the Supreme Courts in Post-Soviet Legal Systems

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


JUDr., Ph.D., LL.M. Kamil Baraník

Why Have Constitutional Courts Been so Important for Democracy in Central Europe

(…And So Hated by Those in Power)?

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Dr. sci. iur. Davor Trlin

Constitutional Principles in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Legal Theory and Judicial Deciding

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Dr. iur. Jānis Neimanis

Scope of Constitutional Review of Tax Law Provisions

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Doc., Dr. iur., Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D. in Law) Maria A. Kapustina

Systems Approach Conception of Legal Regulation

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Dr. iur. Diāna Apse

Breath of the World in Legal Method Doctrine During Interwar Period in Latvia.

Vassily Sinaisky’s Scientific Heritage Review

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)


Dr. iur. Jakub Valc

Biopower as Creator of Ethical and Legal Problems: Case of the Legal Status of a Human Embryo

- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)