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Ārija Meikališa, Dr. iur.

Victims in Criminal Procedure: A Review of Latvian Criminal Procedure Norms through the Prism of Minimal EU Standards

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Sanita Osipova, Dr. iur.

Influence on Latvia’s Notarial System by Occupying Powers during the World War II

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Serebrennikova Anna V., Dr. iur.

Infringement of the Inviolability of the Home in Russian and German Criminal Codes

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Kristīne Strada-Rozenberga, Dr. iur.

Prezumpcija par valsts galvas politisko neatbildību

The Presumption that the Head of the State is Not Politically Responsible

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Jānis Rozenfelds, Dr. iur.

Ownership Claim

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Aleksei Kelli, PhD

Thomas Hoffmann, PhD

Heiki Pisuke, PhD

Irene Kull, Dr. iur.

Liina Jents, LL.M

Carri Ginter, PhD

The Exercise of Moral Rights by Non-Authors

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Anita Rodiņa, Dr. iur.

Dita Amoliņa, Mg. iur.

The Procedure of the Constitutional Court: Issues to be Decided at the Stage of Initiation of a Case

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Inga Kačevska, Dr. iur

Non-Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Awards Pursuant to Article V 1 d of the New York Convention

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Silvia Kaugia, Dr. iur.

Significant Formal and Informal Agents of Socialisation and the Opportunities They Offer for Curbing Violence of Minors (Juveniles)

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Gaabriel Tavits, Dr. iur.

Estonian Employment Contracts Act: Cornerstone in Applying the Flexicurity in Estonia?

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