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Dr. habil. iur. Uldis Krastiņš Ten Years for Criminal Law: Formation, Development, and Perspective - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Dr. iur. Ringolds Balodis, Dr. iur. Annija Kārkliņa The Development of Constitutional Law in Latvia: The Second Period of Independence
- Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Dr. iur. Jānis Lazdiņš Tendencies in the Development of Laws in the Republic of Latvia after the Renewal of Independence in 1990–1991 - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Dr. iur. Sanita Osipova The Development of Latvian Legal Language After World War I - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Dr. iur. Jānis Rozenfelds The Concept of Property and Intellectual Property in Latvia - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Dr. iur. Lauris Rasnačs Territorial Jurisdiction in Civil Cases and the Application of Separate Principles of Defi ning This Jurisdiction - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Mag. iur. Erlens Kalniņš The Concept of Property in Civil Law - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Mag. iur. Elīna Grigore-Bāra The Legal Regulation of Expropriation in Baltic Provinces - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Mag. iur. Ieva Roze Questions of Legal Sociology and the Understanding of Law in the Works of Pitirim Sorokin - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Mag. iur. Inese Nikuļceva Mandatory referendums in Latvia - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)   Mag. iur. Agnese Beļska The Infl uence of Soviet Criminal Law on the Development of the Theory of Guilt in Latvia’s Criminal Law - Abstract-    Full Text (PDF)